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Since you've probably been living under a rock and haven't heard of GPD, this website tells you what your guinea pig should be named if he or she was born today. If you have made the horrible, horrible mistake of naming your guinea pig anything else, you've been calling your guinea pig by the wrong name and your guinea pig hates you for it. Guinea pig names do not require gender specification. These are clearly unisex names.

We use helvetica font and this minimalist theme because it make guinea pigs look edgy and cool.

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Reviews of Guinea Pig Daily

". . . I'm going to wait for my guinea pig to be born tomorrow." - JC Eriksen

"If my foot didn't hurt so much, I'd love this blog!" - Belizabeth Gregory Eisenbein.

"Christine, this is stupid. No, don't use my name. Seriously, don't you have better things to do with your time?" - Christine's Dad

"Now you have me googling, 'bouquet of guinea pigs.' THANKS A LOT, Christine." - Steve Esteban

created and run by CHRISTINE! who can talk to guinea pigs but doesn't want to brag.